Hospital Physician Advisors LLC

Hospital Physician Advisors (HPA) is a national health care consulting firm focused on supporting the efforts of health systems to intelligently deliver care at any level with operational and financial solutions.

Working collaboratively with your designated team, our HPA subject matter specialists and physicians will provide innovative solutions to improve overall performance in Patient Status Determination, Observation Management, patient throughput and emergency department operations 

Proven Approach to Patient Status

HPA’s proven approach to patient status determination and observation management can deliver increased revenue and bed capacity, improved multi-disciplinary communications, staffing models for maximum efficiency, and more.

Emergency Department Consulting

Our experienced team has more than three decades of experience in Emergency Department Consulting that will help reduce decision-to-departure time, increase nursing and physician productivity, improve patient satisfaction and much more.

Physician Group Practice Transition

HPA offers hospital executives, emergency medicine physicians and hospitalists a pathway to independence and operational success.  Our dedicated team has the experience to be the third-party manager for your transition.

To Learn More

To learn more about the positive financial and operational impact of HPA’s approach, click the button below for a free copy of our white paper, “Financial and operational benefits of improving patient status assignment and observation services across seven hospitals in the United States“ or contact Scott Dillon at:

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